The human body Works through several different systems that, somehow, are all linked together. One of those systems is the digestive system.

The digestive system is the one that transforms eaten food in essential nutrients for the body. Through it we can obtain energy for locomotion, for body development and also to get  proper functioning to all body systems and organs.



Everything begins in the mouth. Chewing along with salivation (mixture of salivary enzymes and mucus) degrade starch and help to swallow food passing it to the pharynx. The pharynx, which also belongs to the respiratory system assists swallowing up the esophagus. Here is where the bolus is propelled by peristalsis to the stomach.



In the stomach all the complex nutrients are broken into simple nutrients by the gastric secretion which reaches a ph of two. Depending on the complexity of the nutrient, the stomach can work from minutes to hours to achieve a liquid bolus capable to be absorbed by the body. This process triggers the chyme that passes through the duodenum to the small intestine.

Small Intestine

The small intestine can reach 6m in length and has the function of absorb nutrients via the small villi that covers the entire inner bowel wall. In addition to absorbing vitamins and minerals, the walls of the intestinal tract also produce enzymes that help, along with the secretions from the liver and the pancreas, to digest difficult nutrients as lactose, maltose, sucrose and proteins.


Large Intestine

After, the remaining nutrients travel from the ileum to the large intestine where water absorption occurs. This water results from the digestive secretions and from the water intake. Here is where mucus is secreted to help lubricating the stool for elimination through the cecum, colon and rectum through the anus until it’s out.

And this is how the process of nutrition in our body occurs. It is fascinating to realize how all our body organs work together, to be able to keep our body running.

Everything we eat will be reflected in our body in that day or in the next day. If, for example, we had a poor diet on glucose will we feel more tired; if we consume very few vitamins and antioxidants, we are more likely to have low immune system and get sick, etc.

We are what we eat. And the food is undoubtedly our best medicine.

Human digestive system

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