Fast and easy healthy recipes to make with fruits, roots and vegetables.

On this site you will find easy healthy recipes, very quick to prepare based on fruits, roots and vegetables. This type of recipes will give you a healthier life both physically and psychologically, becouse of the vitamins and minerals found in raw foods that provide more effective nutrition. It also helps to achieve and maintain optimal healthy weight without calorie restriction.

We do not believe in diets of fast weight lost, but we believe in a healthy and balanced lifestyle through the healthy habit of consuming, at least, one raw meal a day accompanied by moderate exercise and relaxation techniques. Our site has several types of recipes:

  • salad recipes
  • fruits, vegetables and roots juices and smoothies recipes
  • fruit soups recipes
  • salads sauces recipes
  • dessert recipes
  • main dishes recipes

We do not use animal resources in our recipes, so that’s 100% raw. Thus, all of our recipes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, lactose and gluten intolerants and practitioners of the paleo diet (Paleolithic diet). Our recipes are all based on a high-carb low-fat raw vegan lifestyle – 80/10/10 lifestyle.

Half Banana Half Watercress

The laxative power of banana helps to regulate the intestinal flora, while nourishing the body with many essential vitamins and minerals. Watercress helps in detoxification of the body and helps in blood circulation. Raspberries help your skin to become healthier and beautiful.

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Revitalizing Hemp and Almond Salad

This salad, made from 100% raw and organic ingredients, helps to revitalize the entire body! Ideal for lunch or dinner. The detoxifying powers of the cabbage and the pumpkin, along with the digestive capabilities of hemp seeds, make this salad a revitalizing pump for our body and mind.

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Wild Arugula Guacamole

Wild arugula guacamole recipe is quick to make , tasty and a great snack for a meal among friends, whether summer or winter. The intense flavor of the wild arugula with the creamy avocado make this guacamole arugula an authentic fabulous deep for salad dressings or to deep in vegetables.

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Easy Recipe with Lettuce and White Grape

A very fast, easy, and economic recipe. Prepare a light, fresh and hearty meal anytime in your day. The white grape’s antioxidants and vitamins and the soothing, hydrating and refreshing power of lettuce makes your day much lighter and prepares it for the “normal” loads of stress.

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Apple, Carrot and Orange Salad Recipe

This apple carrot and orange salad is a huge source of vitamin A, C , calcium and potassium. This fresh and citrus salad develops a refreshing feeling on who consumes it. It helps improve vision and fights and prevents a cold or a season change allergy, due to the quantity and quality of the vitamins that contains.

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